The key to your Home Ownership

You can access up to 95% of the value

of the property.


Mortgage Services

• Mortgage financing up to 95% (conditions apply) of the purchase price or appraised value of the property, whichever is less
• Amortisation period of up to 25 years
• Variable interest rate
• No early redemption fee is applied when three months written notice is provided
• Prepayment allowed semi-annually after 365 days of loan disbursement (conditions apply)
• Easy record keeping with all mortgage transaction details included in your savings account statement and through JN Cayman LIVE.

Applicants will need a valuation from a member of our panel (See list of approved valuators)



• Completed loan application forms. If you need help completing the forms, our loans officers will be happy to assist.
• Verification of employment and salary. We will need a letter from your employer addressed to JN Cayman confirming income, position and length of service.
• Last three months pay advices
• Purchase agreement (for properties to be purchased)
• Property valuation from a member of our panel
• Evidence of equity to offset costs associated with transaction (not required if it is maintained with JN Cayman)
• Bank reference letter (not required if you are already a member of JN Cayman)


We got the key!

Mortgage Calculator

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