We’ll Help You Find a Way! 

Open the door to your Dream home with a mortgage that’s just right for you…


Borrow up to 95%

Get up to 30 years to repay

Competitive interest rate

 Affordable unsecured loan to cover outfitting

Quick turnaround time

Available in KYD or USD

Available to individuals and corporations

Low processing fee

Required Documents:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Proof of identity – (Passport ID or Photo Card Driver’s Licence and Proof of Citizenship, evidence of residency/work permit/status - if residing in Cayman) 
  • Pay advice (last 3 months)
  • Banker’s reference letter (current balances and banking history)
  • Must be a JN Bank Cayman fixed deposit account holder
  • Income verification letter (must state job title, salary and period of employment 
  • Credit report (Equifax or Experian): applicable to overseas applicants
  • Last 2 years of tax returns (applicable to overseas applicants)
  • Statement of Affairs (completed and signed)
  • Proof of Address: any one of the following: 

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